Zumba Banned In Iran As Anti-Islamic

Zumba Banned In Iran As Anti-Islamic

by jonathanturley

JONATHAN TURLEY / 2017-06-20 07:01

US_Army_52862_Zumba_adds_Latin_dance_to_fitness_routineThe Iranians have given the world another absurd application of its brand of Islamic faith. The government has declared that Zumba exercises classes are effectively banned in Iran because the dance “contravenes Islamic ideology.” The “rhythmic movements” of Zumba appear to be anti-Islamic. There is no room for rhythmic dance in the Islamic Republic.

Ali Majdara, the head of Iran’s General Sports Federation issued a declaration that “In light of activities such as Zumba, performing rhythmic movements or dancing in any form is not legal in any shape or title and the prohibition of movements such as this is requested.”

The government has warned that any athletics must be carried out “in the framework of supreme Islamic ideology.” As a result, Zumba classes have been shutdown around the country.

Like wearing hajibs while playing chess or barring women from international volleyball competitions, the government continues to impose absurd requirements on citizens in adherence to its strict Islamic principles.


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