Stephen Hawking Is Still Underrated

I have a confession to make. For a long time—years, really—I thought Stephen Hawking was overrated. He was just so famous, an icon, and I found it hard to imagine that his contributions to physics were really proportional to his fame.

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Nitrogen Gas Is Now the Execution Method of Choice in Oklahoma

The United States is dealing with a drug shortage—a legal injection drug shortage, that is. In response, states where capital punishment is still practiced are having to come up with new ways of killing people. Earlier this week, Oklahoma announced that it will start using nitrogen gas for all its executions moving… Read more…

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How Cops Hide Surveillance Snooping From Courts

In 2004, Ascension Alverez-Tejeda and his girlfriend were stopped at a traffic light in Oregon when their car was rear-ended by a drunk driver. The police arrived and arrested the drunk, but while Alverez-Tejeda was outside dealing with the situation, a thief jumped in his car and tore off down the road.

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