Opinion | If We Silence Hate Speech, Will We Silence Resistance?


Opinion Supported by If We Silence Hate Speech, Will We Silence Resistance? “Hate” is a dangerously elastic label. And it has long been used to demonize unpopular expression, particularly among people of color. By Erik Nielson Dr.


Anne Frank Center asks Facebook to remove Holocaust denial pages

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The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect is calling out Facebook for allowing Holocaust denial pages on its site. And the center is doing so through a petition in which it’s requesting Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg take them down. “When these pages spread lies and untruths, it is veiled hatred and anti-semitism designed to cast doubt on facts,” the center says in the Change.org petition. “There is a difference between providing a platform for free expression and knowingly spreading false information and lies. Denying the Holocaust causes harm.”

Though Facebook has attempted to stem the spread of misinformation on its site in various ways since acknowledging its fake news problem, the issue still persists. In some cases, that’s because Facebook has made an active decision to leave misinformation on its site.

It’s truly ridiculous to say that denying the Holocaust causes harm. It proves you’re an idiot, but it causes no harm. Whatever happened to the idea that exposing idiocy and bad ideas through an open exchange was a good thing? Are they truly afraid many people are going to suddenly deny the Holocaust because some idiot says it didn’t happen? Isn’t that one of the reasons we have the Anne Frank Center – to expose those that deny the Holocaust?

Is Banning Alex Jones a Bad Idea?

Op-ed: Alex Jones is a crackpot—but banning him from Facebook might be a bad idea

Facebook and YouTube both have strict rules against posting content that is hateful, pornographic, or violates someone’s privacy. But what if someone posts content that is just egregiously false? Right now, neither Facebook nor YouTube have rules banning this kind of content. And critics say that’s a problem.

In recent weeks, the issue has come to a head over online provocateur, pundit, and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Jones gleefully flouts the rules of journalistic ethics, regularly making outrageous claims without a shred of evidence.

“When I think about all the children Hillary Clinton has personally murdered and chopped up and raped, I have zero fear standing up against her,” Jones said in one YouTube video.
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Chinese Government Critic Arrested in His Own Home During Live TV Interview: Report

A retired Chinese professor was doing a live TV interview via telephone yesterday when police reportedly entered his home and arrested him. Wenguang Sun, who used to teach at Shandong University, has been a harsh critic of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s government.

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Leaked Internal Memo Reveals the ACLU Is Wavering on Free Speech

It’s a sad day when the left and the right both have given up on the protection of civil liberties in the name of their pet projects…..

The American Civil Liberties Union will weigh its interest in protecting the First Amendment against its other commitments to social justice, racial equality, and women’s rights, given the possibility that offensive speech might undermine ACLU goals. “Our defense of speech may have a greater or lesser harmful impact on the equality and justice work to which we are also committed,” wrote ACLU staffers in a confidential memo obtained by former board member Wendy Kaminer.

Source: Leaked Internal Memo Reveals the ACLU Is Wavering on Free Speech