Wonder Woman’s lack of armpit hair sparks feminist debate – Women in the World in Asso ciation with The New York Times – WITW


Set to debut in theaters on June 2, the new Wonder Woman film will be the first female-centric superhero motion-picture to grace the big screen in some 12 years. The public has been endlessly teased with glimpses of the film, from the special first-look trailer released at Comic-Con, to a quick guest appearance by the Amazonian princess in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. All in all, we know relatively little about this modern embodiment of the Justice League’s only female member, other than she has some seriously powerful theme music.

With palpable excitement surrounding the film’s release, the latest trailer, which can be viewed below, has sparked new controversy. Through careful analysis, the internet has exposed a perhaps, not-so wonderful aspect of DC Comics’ newest incarnation of the classic, girl-power superheroine: She has no armpit hair.

While the moment lasts all of a millisecond — not to mention the reason we can see her armpits is because she’s throwing a truck over her head like a ragdoll — it’s a millisecond that has set off a heated debate.



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